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Kindergarten Teachers

Professeurs de la Maternelle


Christel Arthaud

Mrs. Arthaud is from the French Alps, where she developed a passion for skiing.  She studied at the University of Grenoble and obtained a Masters degree in Foreign Languages Applied to Business - German and Russian (Langues Etrangeres Appliquees: LEA). She spent three years in Moscow and worked in the tourism industry before deciding to become a teacher. Her passion for travel and discovery led her to teach in a French immersion class in Louisiana for two years. Mrs. Arthaud mostly taught multi-grade classes and encourages her students to work on projects to increase their motivation.


Bénédicte Berger

Bénédicte was born in Lyon, France, where she studied Geography at “Jean Moulin Sciences University”. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Hydrology Sciences. After having studied at the Institute Universitaire de Formation des Maitres in Lyon she traveled around the world during for more than one year.

Since 2003 she has taught multilevel classes from kindergarten to fifth grade. In 2009 she moved to the French Alps and obtained another Master’s Degree in French as Foreign Language. She likes to encourage her students to become independent and help them to experience the French culture. She is very exciting to share new projects and her dynamism with the SRFACS community.

In her free time, Bénédicte enjoys traveling with her husband and three kids (5,8,9 years old). She loves outdoor activities including swimming, climbing, skiing and competes in long distance races. She enjoys making pottery too.