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School Advisory Board (SAB)

Conseil d'Ecole

The role of SAB is to focus the charter community toward common goals. Responsible for oversight of the budget and making spending decisions utilizing funds allocated by the School District to the SRFACS. With an eye toward financial and program management and special attention given to:

  1. Fiscal Solvency
  2. Standards
  3. Expectations for student achievement and student behavior
  4. Public Relations and Community Outreach
  5. Parameters for parent involvement
  6. Progress towards goals as outlined in the Charter


2019-2020 SAB Members:


Evelyn Anderson, SRFACS Principal, Board President

Pascale Bon, SRFACS TOSA

Corrine Naro, SRFACS Teacher

Jackie Elward, Classified Staff

Najine Shariat, Founding Member

Michelle Gervais, Elected Parent Representative

Ben Wolf, Elected Parent Representative 

Allison Budlong, Elected Parent Representative

Vincent Vidal, Community Representative



Meeting Agendas & Minutes:


Agendas & Minutes